Key Considerations When Buying Wholesale Wooden Toys

Crafts and hobby stores are often filled with parents looking for items that enhance their children's motor and mental development. Wooden toys are excellent examples of craft items, which have become particularly popular in homes. It can be attributed to the myriad of benefits, which wooden toys have over plastics. Thus, selling wooden toys can be a fulfilling business. If you are thinking about opening a toy store, here are critical aspects to consider when buying wholesale wooden toys

Wood Specific

When buying wooden toys from a wholesaler, you must understand that the play items are wood-specific. It means that certain types of wood are excellent for making wooden toys, while others are not. If you buy wholesale toys without knowing the wood type used, you risk injuring your clients' children. Hardwoods, such as oak, walnut, and birch, are considered the best for wooden toys for one reason; they do not splinter or chip. Soft or engineered woods are a no-go as far as wooden toys are concerned because they splinter easily. Therefore, when sourcing wholesale wooden toys from a manufacturer, make sure they are made from the right type of wood. It goes a long way in ensuring that you only sell safe toys to parents. 

Age Recommendations

Although wooden toys are the safest option compared to plastics, they can still be dangerous if not age-regulated. Children are exposed to different hazards at different stages of their development. For instance, while a 10-year-old child can potentially swallow a small piece of wood without being harmed, a toddler cannot. It is the reason age recommendations are critical for wooden toys. Thus, when buying your toys from a wholesaler, determine whether they have age recommendations on the packaging. It allows parents to make the right choice when purchasing toys based on their child's age. If your toys lack age recommendations, parents have to guess the appropriate wooden toy for their children, which can be dangerous. 

Wooden Toys Categories

The more diverse the types of wooden toys you stock, the better. Typically, wooden toys are broken down into six categories; baby toys, puzzles, figures, blocks, and playsets. Baby toys are suitable for toddlers and considered elementary structures. On the other hand, puzzles are designed to hone a child's problem-solving skills. Blocks foster children's creativity because they require kids to create something out of randomly shaped wooden pieces. Stocking wooden toys in all the categories allows parents to buy different toys to help their children develop mentally, physically, and socially.