Conservation Framing vs. Regular Custom Framing for Posters

When you have a special piece of art, a photograph, or a poster that you want to protect, framing it in a frame made just for that item is the best way to keep it intact and in good shape. One form of customisation is known as conservation framing, which uses materials that do not damage the item you want to frame and that protect it from things like UV rays. These materials may be slightly more expensive, so when is conservation framing the right way to go when you have something like a poster that you want to display? It's a choice dependent on how unique the poster is and how much you want it permanently mounted and framed.

Giving the Art the Best Chance of Survival

First, any time you have something framed, always look for the best options to protect the item, combined with affordability. In other words, if you can afford one of two mat options, one of which will help preserve the item for a longer time (like all materials, framing parts can eventually start to deteriorate), get that one that will work for a longer time. If you can't afford something, then you can't afford it, but if you can, go as high quality as you can.

Smoothing Wrinkles and Creases

Posters often end up with creases and wrinkles after being hung up on walls and taken down repeatedly. Framing them stops the cycle and keeps the poster unfurled. For many posters, framing stores will essentially glue the poster to the backing or mounting board with heat. This can help flatten out any creases, but it does increase the risk of the heat damaging the poster. If you're OK with possibly seeing some creases when the poster is framed (the shop will do its best to smooth those out, of course), conservation mounting is a safer choice.

Common vs. Rare Posters

Assuming you can afford all framing options, look at how unique, rare, or sentimental the poster is. The more unique and so on, the more you should consider conservation framing. A cheap poster that you can find all over local shops might not need the conservation treatment because, if it is damaged, you can easily get a new one.

If you can, go over to a few picture framing shops and show them the poster. You might also be able to call them and email a picture, depending on the shop. The staff there can let you know if conservation framing is the best form of customisation for your poster.

Contact a professional to learn more about custom picture framing options.